Why Projekt Karma?

We thought it was about time to inspire people of all ages to go out and do good in the world while reaping the benefits of giving. It's simple, Give it. Get it. We believe that when you give, you get. We are thrilled to offer an exciting platform where people can connect and start the ripple effect of good karma. Crowdfunding is the revolutionary way to help propel positive actions. Lots of people giving small amounts  can make great things happen quickly all over the world. The “crowd” has the power to decide which projekts they want to fund and support. 

In addition to our crowdfunding platform, Projekt Karma works with youth across the country by partnering with schools and youth organizations. Projekt Karma was designed with youth in mind. After conducting focus groups with hundreds of teens ages 13-21, we found that youth actually relish the idea of giving back, they just don't know how. Frequently, it's a matter of finding time in their crazy schedule to serve. This is the reason our community outreach programs were established. We now have thousands of teens across the country collaborating to make this world a better place. Karma Klubs in schools and organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs have been proven to be a safe and inspiring place where youth work together on social good projekts. The Projekt Karma crowdfunding platform serves as an ideal way to raise money for their causes.  Giving can be rewarding and fun. 

Considering all the problems our world faces — in teaching, technology, health care, or finance — we need many more social entrepreneurs and change makers. It is critical that we teach our youth that they can help people; that they can be leaders and make positive changes in their communities and across the globe. Our society including employers and parents need to recognize that youth’s success and development depends on the mastery of empathy, creativity, teamwork, compassion, leadership and change making.

Give it.  Get it. 

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi.

Projekt Karma Founders

As the founders of  Projekt Karma, we are women who have a passion to make the world a better place and we know that change starts with our youth.  We are both graduates from the University of Washington and have over 30 years of professional experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors with backgrounds in corporate marketing and sales as well as board experience in parent organizations in various school systems. We have extensive experience in fundraising as well as implementing and funding a district wide anti-bullying program on the East Coast.

Lisa Marinkovich, Co-Founder


Suzanne Katsman, Co-Founder