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  • How do I fundraise with Projekt Karma? Open or Close

    Projekt karma provides a fun and easy way for you to raise money for things that matter to you and your community. It is  easy to get started and invite friends and family to donate to your projekts and causes.

  • What can I raise money for? Open or Close

    We allow you to raise money for just about anything that will make this world a better place and generate good karma. Why? Because what goes around comes around!

    Projekt karma is interested in working with members who have creative well-thougt out projekt ideas, which will benefit local, regional, national or international communities. We believe that every day is a new chance to make a difference whether it is big or small. 

    Our site is designed to feature inspiring and unique projekts that others can join in order to help make a difference in the community. By working together, what starts out as a small projekt can turn into something bigger. The Ripple Effect.

    Need some inspiration? Check out our list of fundraising ideas here.

  • Does Projekt Karma charge anything? Open or Close

    No! Projekt karma is a free service. Projekt karma will deduct a low 5% fee from each donation made. The money we deduct is used to support the Karma Klub programs in schools and to cover our administrative costs.

  • How are donations/payments processed? Open or Close

    United States customers: a WePay account is automatically created for you inside of projekt karma’s website during the sign up process. Wepay charges a fee of 2.9% +$.30 per transaction for bankcard transactions.

  • Do donors get charged anything?Open or Close

    No, donors are not charged anything. Projekt karma is a free service to use for both donors and members.

  • How do I request donations? Open or Close

    We make it super simple for you to request for donations. All you need to do is sign up on projekt karma, then you can create a projekt page and request funds within minutes! With a click of a button you can send your fundraising projekt to your Facebook friends,Twitter followers . Your e-mail can be accessed as well right from your projekt page. Your supporters can make donations online with a credit card or debit card and you will instantly receive donations for your cause. The quicker we can process a donation, the faster you can go out and make a difference!

  • Do I have to be a non-profit to use this site? Open or Close

    Nope. Projekt Karma provides fundraising opportunities on our site for individuals, non-profits, schools, and organizations that are inspired to make this world a better place. All we care about is that the projekt you are raising money for is for a social good cause.

    Start right now and start raising money! Click here!

  • What is crowdfunding anyway? Open or Close

    Crowdfunding is asking a crowd of people to donate money to your specific cause or projekt. Projekt Karma is a crowdfunding site that allows you to post your projekt, market it, and receive funding quickly so you can go out and make a difference right away.

    Projekt Karma pools together all of the small donations in hopes that it will equal what you need to take your projekt to a new level.

  • How do I promote my projekt? Open or Close

    Once you build your projekt page, the next step is to invite people to view to your site and convert them to donors and supporters of your cause.

    We believe that people every day can make an impact whether it is big or small. Our site is designed to feature inspiring and unique projekts that others can join in order to help make a difference in the community. By working together, what starts out as a small projekt can turn into something bigger. Your projekt idea may help someone else across the world come up with their projekt idea.

    To promote your projekt by email:

    1. Log in to Projekt Karma.
    2. Select your projekt page and click on the “Share” tab and select "Send Email”.
    3. The send email section, allows you to enter or paste the email addresses you wish to send your projekt to.  The URL of your projekt will automatically be entered in the body of the email template and the subject will be filled out. 
    4. Click on the "Send Email" button to send your email and share your projekt!
  • What kind of projekts do well on projekt karma? Open or Close

    Audiences respond to passion, sincerity, and an ability to execute. Do gooders want to see you succeed! Our audience wants to see you communicate your passion in your video.

    Our audience will want to see your story, what drives you to make a difference and your creative idea to help others and generate more karma in this world. Paint the picture for the audience and tell them about youreself and why you are creating this projekt.

  • How do I withdraw the donation funds? Open or Close

    When the account manager (whoever sets up the fundraising page) starts to create the fundraiser, you will be directed to WePay.   WePay will require you to set up a Wepay account. You will need to enter a password for your security.  After receiving your first several donations, you will need to provide WePay with the necessary information to set up an electronic bank transfer. When it is time to withdraw the money, remember go to www.wepay.com and enter your Wepay account information. 

    To set up your bank account information, log in to your Projekt Karma account and click on the donation tab. On the donation section, click on the withdraw button.The next page will show the available amount for withdrawal. Click on the "withdraw funds" button to proceed. You will be re-directed to WePay portal to withdraw your funds. Follow the simple steps.

    Note: You will only enter and verify your bank information once. The next time you withdraw the funds, you just click on the withdraw funds button and will direct you to the confirm withdrawal screen where you enter the amount you want to withdraw. If you would rather have a check sent to you then deal with a bank account, then we can do that too! When you go to withdraw your funds, request a check. It's super simple! Make sure you withdraw your money no longer than 60 days after the start of your fundraiser.

  • Is there a limit to how much money I can raise? Open or Close

    Nope! Projekt Karma users can raise as much money as they want. Projekt Karma will continue to accept donations for your projekt even after your goal is met.

  • How do I redeem Karma Points? Open or Close

    Karma Points will be redeemed on our site. Points are awarded for posting karma stories about good in your community and every time you connect with any of our karma community projekts.

    Sponsor awards (reward codes) will be given to those who meet point levels.

  • Member identities Open or Close

    Users/members are required to display their authentic identities when using Projekt Karma. This helps ensure that donors understand who is collecting the money

  • Is it safe to donate to a projekt? Open or Close

    Yes. In terms of online security, all payments are securely processed using industry-standard secure socket layer encryption, or ssl. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that is always safe to donate to people you know and trust.

  • Safety and security Open or Close

    Projekt Karma knows how important it is to provide you with a positive, safe and secure experience by using our free service. Projekt Karma has carefully chosen our financial partners such as WePay.

    All bankcard transactions go through WePay. WePay is PCI DSS certified, a process that is designed to protect your sensitive data. WePay is a certified level 1 PCI compliant service provider (the highest level), which requires an annual independent security audit of our processes and systems. WePay tests their system daily (manually and automatically) to ensure security.

    Your money is held in a protected account by WePay’s FDIC-insured partner bank, so your funds are never at risk.

  • Donating money Open or Close

    Projekt Karma will do our part to review each projekt before it is posted on our site. We expect and trust all of our members to only post authentic social good projekts on Projekt Karma. Unfortunately there is no way to 100% guarantee that a user’s Projekt Karma donation page contains accurate or truthful information. As a donor, be sure to fully understand and trust the cause and member before donating. Beware of any projekts that attempt to bypass the system and request to donations to be sent directly to the member instead of through our site. Only complete payments by clicking the donation button on the Projekt Karma site.


    Please report any pages that request direct payments or users who attempt to contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

  • How are the donations processed? Open or Close

    When you set up a new account with Projekt Karma, a WePay account is automatically created for you. Wepay processes your site donations and allows you to manage the disbursement of your funds.

    All donations processed on Projekt Karma will be directed to your wepay account, which can be withdrawn within 24-48 hours or once the transaction has cleared. To withdraw your funds, simply click on the "withdraw" button found on your funds tab.

    Note: It is critical that you act on the wepay confirmation email you received from wepay in order to successfully provision your wepay account to process credit card donations on your projekt karma fundraiser page. Failure to do so,will prevent you from processing donations online and your donors and will display an error message.

  • What about taxes? Open or Close

    We are unable to offer tax advice since each donation made on this site varies. Many donations made on projekt karma are considered to be personal gifts, which are not taxed as income in the United States.

    Keep in mind that only donations made to a legal registered non-profit or charity may be considered eligible for a tax deduction. Please consult you tax accountant if needed.

  • Can I start a projekt without a US bank account? Open or Close

    No. You must have a U.S. bank account, U.S. credit card, and a U.S. address to start a projekt.

  • Can I start a projekt if I don’t live in the US? Open or Close

    Yes. You can start a projekt even if you are not a U.S. citizen, but you must have a U.S.bank account and a U.S. address.

  • Can a projekt be based anywhere in the world?Open or Close

    Absolutely! Many projekts benefit people and animals in other countries but you must have to have a U.S. bank account and US address as stated above.