School Programs

Projekt Karma works with hundreds of schools on specific programs designed to help schools, educatators and PTA's to raise money for specific projekts (causes) while inspiring youth to get innvolved in community service work. With our creative programs, we weave a web between fundraising and inspiring youth to give back. 

It is critical to inspire and teach our youth that they can help others; that they can lead; that they can make lasting and important change in their communities and across the world. Projekt Karma is unique because we work with educators, parents and corporations to help recognize that our youth's future must include the mastery of several complex skills- compassion, empathy, creativity,teamwork, leadership, and change making. 

Projekt Karma provides an innovative new approach to school fundraising. Instead of having kids go door to door selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, chocolate or fruit, fundraising can be done from the safety of thier homes with technology that allows students to reach people all over the world. Now grandparents or friends can donate with a credit or debit card with a click of a button. 

By utilizing the crowfunding platform on Projekt Karma, the money raised goes direcly to the source and not to the cost of goods. Fundraising on Projekt Karma is safe, secure, effecient, profitable and fun!

Technology empowered Projekt Karma, showcases specific fundraising projekts in a very transparent way. If a school needs to raise money for a computer lab, music, sports or a special needs program, then people can donate to that fundraising projekt. The fundraising projekt now becomes a way to broadcast the need. People know that when they donate to a special projekt on Projekt Karma, they will witness the money in action from beginning to end.

Crowdfunding has shifted the dynamic of giving by injecting a brand new energy and sense of empowerment into the vein of fundraising. Anytime someone clicks the donate button, suddenly your contribution creates a buzz of excitment and you get to share your support in real-time with like minded people. By supporting a specific projekt, you are part of something very important and big! This is how communities are built!