Take the Karma Pledge and focus on being conscience about your daily actions. Log into Projekt Karma and start a Karma Klub and/or a fundraising projekt. It's fast, easy and rewarding. One person can start the ripple effect. Give it. Get it.


Start your fundraising projekt. The projekt can be anything that promotes social good. Be transparent and let people know exactly what you are raising money for. Paint a picture for your potential donors (include video and pictures) so they understand the beneficiary's story. 

      Watch how to start a projekt here


Share your projekt with family, friends and community. Ask them to share it with other people they know. After you gain momentum, reach out to even more people!

Make sure to utilize social media to spread the word about your fundraising projekt.  We make it easy for you to connect to Facebook, Twitter and your e-mail, all from your projekt page with a click of a button!


Anyone in the world can donate to your projekt with a credit or debit card. Money will be deposited into your designated account from projekt karma in real time. Congrats!

Give it. Get it!


For donors: We use the latest encryption technology to ensure every donation is secure and private. Projekt Karma never sells information about our donors, so you don’t have to worry about future soliciting.

For Crowdfunding Tips  Click Here

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