Fundraising Ideas

Projekt Karma has provided you with a way to raise money for causes that matter. Set up a  fundraiser on a  customized projekt page within minutes that will generate instant results and lots of great karma! Projekt Karma offers tools to share the site with your "crowd". Money donated to your cause will be deposited in the designated bank account of your projekt in real time. How easy is that?

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Volunteer & Missions

No more car washes or selling candy for sports equipment or travel expenses for your team.

Non Profits & Foundations

Raise money for a foundation or non-profit without the need for expensive auctions and events.

School & Education

The future is in your hands. Raise money for your tuition, books or special education.

Sports & Teams

No more car washes or selling candy for sports equipment or travel expenses for your team.

Military & Veterans

Support our country and our veterans who have served.

Medical Assistance & Healing

A health crisis creates immediate financial needs.

Special Events & Celebrations

Life is worth celebrating and it's much easier when everyone contributes. Start collecting here.

Corporate Causes & Matched Funds

Corporations can support their own social good campaigns here or match funds for select causes.

Kids & Family

It takes a village... need help raising money for family needs? 

Pets & Animals

Help animals in need or raise money for expensive vet expenses for your special pet.

School Fundraisers

Instead of selling wrapping paper or magazines, earn more money for your school right here and now!


Raise money for neighborhood or community needs.

Fundraising for Non-Profits

If you are a non-profit, or perhaps you are planning on raising money that will benefit a non-profit you came to the right place! Our crowdfunding platform is a revolutionary way to raise money quickly without any up front expenses. Many non profits hire companies to create fundraising campaigns or events. While some of these events serve a purpose, we have a new way to fundraise without the expense so there are more dollars that go towards your cause. Projekt Karma can help you get started in just minutes, for FREE. Sign up and start raising money right away.  With Projekt Karma, you can customize your fundraising web site, share your online fundraiser with supporters and raise money quickly.