What is Crowdfunding Anyway?

Crowdfunding is asking a crowd of people to donate money to your specific cause or projekt.  Projekt karma is a crowdfunding site that allows you to post your projekt, market it, and receive funding quickly so you can go out and make a difference right away. 

Crowdfunding Tips:

Your idea
Make sure your idea is viable and your cause is clear. Keep it simple and to the point. 

Your title
The title should be creative and catchy.  Choose a title that will stand out and differentiate you from others.

Your projekt goal
Determine what your projekt goals are. How much money do you want to raise? Make sure that you set a realistic goal and one you can achieve. Be prepared to share your goal and story. Show your passion. Why are you passionate about your projekt and cause?

Write your projekt description
You need to write a concise well-written projekt description. Be as detailed as you can about yourself and your projekt. This should introduce who you are, why you have posted this projekt, the story behind your projekt, a clear call to action-i.e. the purpose of your karma projekt. BE TRANSPARENT about the beneficiary and where the money is going.  

Keep in mind that the more you share about your passion behind your projekt the more your written tone will show. Be authentic, confident in your presentation.

Answer these questions

  • How will your projekt change and help your community?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What story can you share that will paint the picture of your projekt?
  • What can you tell your audience that will educate them about your projekt and cause? 

Create and post your video: 
The video does not have to professional, in fact the more realistic the better. The video message to your potential fan base should be a real person making a real life projekt with passion.

  • Describe your projekt - talk about who and what you are raising funds for.
  • Why is it important to you?
  • Be concise and to the point.
  • Make it engaging as possible.
  • Tell stories that help paint the picture of the situation you want to change and why.
  • Try to think about the best way to make your video go viral. Viral videos are not easy to create but if your projekt is meaningful, your message is engaging and you have a solid network...You never know what could happen
  • Follow our instructions to how to upload your video.  
Reach out to your "inner circle"
Pick 15-20 people in your network that love what you do and know about your projekt. These people are usually friends, family and fans that know and trust you. Make sure you tell these key people that you will be asking them for their support. This will start the momentum of success for your projekt. Watch the ripple effect take place right after you launch your projekt.  

Thank your "first donors" publicly and ask them to spread the word. Thank your contributors publicly on your projekt page, via Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else where they and others will see your display of gratitude. The Facebook Feed is a great place to say, "Thanks for the contribution Brian - can't wait to send you your signed specific award. Thanking your supporters publicly builds credibility and rewards your contributors. Keep thanking your supporters publicly throughout your entire campaign and establish a consistent communication with your fan base.

Share and promote your projekt
This is the fun part. You get to share your projekt with everyone you know and more! This is no time to be shy...Get out there and share your projekt with everyone! Create a marketing plan that involves your network (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, your cause site) who do you know? Who will help you?
Contact a local radio station, TV station, NPR, newpaper and more!
Write a press release and add the direct link to your projekt page. Send it to the media to get more exposure and reach more people outside your inner circle. 

Show the progress 
Publicize and celebrate what you have accomplished and update your audience with upcoming milestones - e.g. quantitative goals (percentage of funding, number of contributors, etc) and qualitative.
Acknowledge and publicize reaching your goal. Be grateful and celebratory as you begin the follow-through process of creating your work.

  • Keep your supports up to speed with your progress.
  • Use multi-media with images and video to document your success. 
  • DELIVER what you promised. Make sure that you follow through and send your supporters the rewards and thank you notes. This way they will continue to support you and your next projekt. Leave your supporters wanting to see more about your projekt. Remember...it's about good karma!