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You're in our thoughts, Speedy Recovery!

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Ric Hansen

I just returned home from a week out of town to get this bad news. I am so sorry to hear. The Rychards do not need or deserve

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Get better soon Steve!

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Carl Gann and Michele Torrey

Dear Cyndie and family, We are sending you strength and peace. Know that you and Steve are in our thoughts and prayers! Carl

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Cantrell Family

Prayers for your family Crystal. My dad had an industrial accident when I was about 9-10 with similar injuries. It was very sca

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Traumatic brain injury fund for Steve Rychard

Due to a fall last weekend (March 15th, 2014), Steve Rychard (our dad) is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. He has been in the trauma/ICU for a week, and is currently working towards a recovery at Harborview Medical Center. Unfortunately, he not only suffers from a traumatic brain injury, he also has a broken cheekbone, back, and collarbone. He has lost mobility in the left side of his body and is working to regain strength, and retrain his brain to be able to utilize it again. The fall ruptured his eye socket which gave him a blood clot behind his right eye. Doctors believe he will not lose any vision, but we are still waiting for results. Our dad's recovery is going to be a long road for both him and our family. We appreciate all of your love, support, and prayers during this time of need.

Any donations made will be going towards medical bills, physical therapy, and post trauma treatment for our dad. Every bit helps. Our dad has always been the first to come to the aid of another, and we have seen this through all of the support he has seen from his friends and family over the last week. We're hoping for a fast recovery, and can't wait to have our dad home with us once again.

With all of our love-

Crystal, Lacey, and Ryan

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Huge day today!! My dad gets to come home. It will be his first night out of a hospital bed in over 45 days. He is beyond excited, as are all of us. He will (HOPEFULLY!!!) be staying home for good now. He will be having a physical and speech therapist coming to my parent's house 3 times a week to keep up with his care. He still has a lot of recovering to do, but them letting him come home is a huge step forward.

All of you that know him at all, would know that he hates needing constant care, so having him being home and a little more independent will do wonders for his soul. His spirits are good.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Things are going as good as they could, thanks to all of your love, keep it up!

Love and appreciate all of you.

Post by Lacey Rychard at Friday, May 9, 2014 at 3:09 PM

What an amazing day yesterday was. My mother and I went to visit my dad at the hospital very early in the morning, with coffee in hand, to find my dad already awake. After he ate what he could of hospital breakfast, the physical therapist that was on shift that day decided he wanted to meet my dad and see what he could get him to do.

Ten minutes after working with him, the therapist had all four of us in the hallway; my dad with his hand on a railing and feet planted on the ground, the therapist supporting him, my mom holding a chair as a safety net behind him, and me on my hands and knees keeping his feet in place. Can't say we didn't have tears in our eyes when we saw him not only stand up, but begin to take steps.

His first time he was able to do just a couple, before feeling warn out and having to sit back in the chair, but he didn't stop there. We watched my dad take four attempts at it, and by the last one he was walking in five step increments. They weren't perfect, but it was a start.

Again, yesterday was an amazing day.

Post by Lacey Rychard at Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 12:35 PM

Was able to watch my dad do physical therapy today- and he is improving- slowly, but surely! We are so proud and keep learning what a fighter he truly is. I have so much gratitude for everyone that has been there for our family. We are very blessed. He is going back to Seattle one day this week to get more test done- so please help us pray for good results!! <3

Post by Lacey Rychard at Friday, April 4, 2014 at 6:20 PM

Wow - Thank you for your donations to help with my dad's medical bills! Your contributions are overwhelming! My dad is slowly improving, but has a lot of challenges ahead of him. Yesterday, he was transported from Harborview Medical back to St. Joesphs where he will undergo intensive speech and physical therapy for several weeks. We are hoping for him to have a full recovery. We want our dad back home!

Post by Lacey Rychard at Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 11:50 AM